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Mobile SIM Free

Product Detail
Product Name b-mobileSIMU300 Visitor 1GB Fixed
SIM Card Type Regular SIM Card Micro SIM Card Regular SIM Card Micro SIM Card
Product Number BM-U300V-1MS BM-U300V-1MM BM-FRM-1GB BM-FRM-1GBM
Price Yen 3980 Yen 4480
Activation Yen 1000 Yen 1000
Data Speed Up to 300kbps (Best effort) Up to 7.2Mbps
Service Duration 30 Days 30 Days
Information Data communication on ly, No voice Sevice. Traffic is controled for VoiP, Video and other straming contents.
Coverage NTT docomo FOMA Area NTT docomo FOMA Area
Setting Price APN:
Username: bmobile@u300
Password: ********
Auth type: PAP or CHAP (if available)
PDP type: IP (if required)
Username: bmobile@u300
Password: ********
Auth type: PAP or CHAP (if available)
PDP type: IP (if required)
This product’s service will expire 30 days following the service start date.
Regardless of whether you are able to use this product or not (including whether you have received delivery or not), the service will start on the second day following shipment.
When your product is ready for shipment, a "Shipment Confirmation" email will be sent to the email address you registered during purchase.
Order Guide
Please Your Order
Shipping Next Day
Return Policy
Delivery Fees
Hotel, Residence, House, office Delivery 840 Yen Return Your Cost
Airpot Delivery Delivery 640+1050 Yen Return Your Cost
** Chitose International Airpot, Fukuoka Airpot Delivery 1000Yen+1050=2050Yen

Supported Devices
NTT docomo Samrtphones
SIM Lock Free devices

  • iPhone3GS(SIM Lock Free devices)
  • iPhone4(SIM Lock Free devices)
  • iPhone4S(SIM Lock Free devices)
  • iPad(SIM Lock Free devices)
  • iPad2(SIM Lock Free devices)

To use b-mobile, your device must:
HAve the appropriate Government certifications (Type Approval) for use in Japan.
Support W-CDMA Band 1 (2100MHz) or Band 6 (800MHz)
* Please note that not all devices that meet the above criteria will support a b-mobile SIM Card.
Please see below for an abridged list of supported devices and click hete for full list (Japanese only).
What is Type Approval
For details on Type Approval, click here (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications site)

  • Payment can only be made by Credit Card.
  • For ordering in large quantity.

Please Contact:
Business Corporation Help Desk: +81-3-3801-1638

  • Payment can only be made by credit card.
  • Total payment will be calculated by the end of the month.
  • Payment due date will differ depends on the Credit card company
  • Bill Statement costs 315 Yen/Month.
  • No receipt will be issued.

Additional Information:

  • The numerical value shown is theoretical value (maximum) in format but not transfer speed in practice.
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